A Framework for Concept Refinement

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In Part I of this series I talked about establishing a product vision based around three core values: Customer Value, Business Value, and Brand Value. These values, in concert, will be your guideposts to ensure your product is, in the end, what you set out for it to be. Okay, but what about when it’s time to get to work?

The next stage of product design is organizing the features and user flows that weave throughout your experience. …

Part I of …some many: Vision & Planning

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How do you get from a decent, or even brilliant, idea to an app that people love? How does your modest piece of software earn its place in people’s hearts and on their phones? How does your app become their app?

Designing a brand new app or an all new feature into an existing one is one of the most exciting projects I get to take on in my life as a Product Designer. I like to think I have one focus in that role, and that is creating a meaningful, long-lasting connection between an app and it’s audience. …

Nate Voss

I am currently a digital product designer living in Kansas City.

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